Lynn d’Angona Statement

In 2008, I launched Provincetown Cares
with the intent to do two things:

1. To pay my blessings forward and
create something bigger than myself
to help make a difference in the fight
against breast cancer and other critical
womens health issues.
2. To reinvent and reinvigorate
Women’s Week as a tourist destination
and to raise money and awareness for
womens health.
That year I rode my bicycle up and
down commercial street in
Provincetown going from business to
business asking for help to pay for
banner that would promote our play.
A play that would benefit women’s
health locally and nationally.
Today I am very proud of the impact we
have made in just four years and am
looking forward to making this year our
best yet. With your support we can truly
make a difference.
— Lynn d’Angona
Provincetown Cares