Helping Our Women is a community-based
organization that provides services to 200 women
living with chronic, life threatening or disabling
conditions on the outer Cape.
When you support Provincetown Cares, you
help fund our life affirming programs…..
• It costs $125 to fund each of the 78 support
groups we provide for our clients every year.
• It costs $90 round trip for someone to go
to Boston for treatment.
• It costs $55 per month per client for services
essential to their health and well being.

Our focus is to provide services that enhance
our clients’ health and well-being despite the
obstacles that those living with a serious illness
face on a daily basis. We provide financial
assistance to low income clients, sponsor a
support group for women with cancer and one
for women with chronic illness and provide
advocacy services. Our transportation program
makes it possible for women to receive
the best possible treatment and care,
regardless of their access to transportation
caused by illness and poverty.
— Irene Rabinowitz
Executive Director, Helping Our Women


Outer Cape Health Services is a licensed community health center that provides

urgent and primary health care services to all patients. Virtually all health insurance

providers are accepted, and sliding fee scales are available for those in need.

Our affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center gives you more choices

and ready access to a renowned, academic medical center.

As an OCHS patient, you have access to our comprehensive primary care services,

including preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical problems,

physical exams, and lab and X-ray services.